What to Expect


Understand how we will work together

During our time together I will aim to increase your level of self-understanding and perspective, this will allow you to deal with problems and issues you may face more effectively. An increased sense of empowerment may be experienced, learning how to relate differently and be more comfortable with yourself and the people in your life.

I aim to facilitate a journey of self discovery, to help you find out who you are, address any issues that may be troubling you and look at what you want out of life.

Free Initial Session

An opportunity to ask questions with no obligation


This is an opportunity for us to meet and get to know one another. It is the opportunity for you to explain and explore what you want from counselling and to ask me any questions about what will happen. I will explain how I work, the sessions and talk through the counselling process.

The relationship between counsellor and client is of primary importance and this session will be an opportunity for you to decide if you would like to commence counselling with me, we can discuss how many sessions you might need and I can assess whether or not I feel I can help you.

There is no charge for this initial consultation session and no obligation to decide there and then whether or not you would like to work with me. You may want some time to reflect on what you want to do next.

Your Therapy Sessions

How it works & what to expect


Different counsellors and therapists work in different ways. The initial consultation session is a good way for you to find out how I work and for you to decide if you wish to start regular therapy with me. There are two options, or a combination of both;

In-person sessions:
These take place in my consultation room, we will sit in chairs opposite each other, each session lasts 50 minutes and starts at the agreed time, each week.

Zoom sessions:
I will send you a secure recurring Zoom invitation, each session will last 50 minutes. To ensure a smooth session where you can be relaxed and speak openly, please ensure you are speaking from a confidential space with a good internet connection.

My therapeutic approach is integrative, with a core belief in humanistic, person-centred principles, but I will draw from other models at the appropriate time to allow the therapy to follow you and your needs. What you want to achieve from counselling is my priority and I will bring in appropriate ideas and techniques to suit you. These other therapeutic models include: Psychodynamic Therapy, Gestalt, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Transactional Analysis, Focusing and Motivational Interviewing.

Mindfulness is particularly useful in dealing with stress and anxiety and involves some simple but very effective techniques; these can be easily learnt, but take time to perfect – I can help you practice and learn.

The aim is to help us both understand your life experiences, to support you in coming to terms with who you are and what is happening in your life. Ultimately, to help you make any changes you feel are important to allow you to enjoy life, achieve your goals and be a more content person.

The therapeutic relationship we develop in the counselling room is of primary importance to the effectiveness of the therapy. I will aim to make it as comfortable and productive as possible, whilst at the same time maintaining the essential boundaries of good practice. At times, the work may feel difficult or challenging, but you will be in safe space to journey, exploring your thoughts, feelings and emotions with me, in a supportive and safe space.